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Do you have rooms or storage units full of charts or paper records that are taking up space? SecureCHART is your solution! SecureCHART reduces your paper records to a digital format that can shrink an entire file room down to a small disk the size of a desk calculator.

The benefits of electronic archiving of paper records are numerous. The space freed up can be utlized to increase patient turn for revenue generation or reclaimed administrative space. Additionally, if you use a storage unit or a paper records storage vendor, you can save the storage and retrieval fees paid to keep your records. Finally, our easy to use search function allows access to your archived records in just seconds and not hours or days. Archived records can also be imported into EMR systems in the future.

Our storage technology is elegantly simple, yet highly secure and protected against unauthorized use through state-of-the-art encryption technologies utilized in our ROI process. Call or email us today for more information.


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